Rumble strip milling machines
20 years of industry leading rumble strip milling equipment.

While other companies recently announced a "new" truck mounted rumble strip milling machine, the truth is we invented it almost 20 years ago.  (see Rumbler History below)  No other equipment manufacture has been building rumble strip machines longer than Dickson Industries.  You want the best.  You want the experience.  You want the Rumbler.  Don't settle for less.
RPR/SSR - Rumbler
Not only has Dickson Indusries been building rumble strip machines longer than any other company in the world, we also offer the largest selection available.  From skid steer mounted to high production truck drawn units.

Introducing the SSR, Skid Steer Rumber and
the RPR, Road Pro Rumbler.

Capable to milling 10 miles per day (8 hour shift) or more for the RPR. 5 miles per day (8 hour shift) or more for SSR.

Features include:
  • Power sliding tool bar
  • Cam operated timing system (SSR only)
  • Cylinder operated timing system, capable of milling any DOT rumble strip pattern (RPR only)
  • Bit holders with replaceable inserts (Patent-Pending)
rumble strip milling machine
Introducing the RUMBLER 4140. The newest model in the successful RUMBLER line of rumble strip milling machines. The RUMBLER 4140 is ideal for the contractor wanting a smaller, lighter and more affordable alternative to the RUMBLER 6200.

  • John Deere 140 horse power, turbocharged, 4 cylinder engine (RUMBLER 6200 uses a 200 horse power) mounted on the chassis of the towing truck.

  • Isuzu 18,000# towing truck, specially modified for towing the RUMBLER 4140.  No CDL required.

  • Shares many of the same great features as the RUMBLER 6200.  Same dependable cam operated timing system.

What do you sacrifice to get the smaller size and lower cost? The only things the RUMBLER 4140 cannot do, that the RUMBLER 6200 is capable of, is milling rumble strips in concrete, and there is NO option for a debris blower or water spray system.

What do you gain purchasing the RUMBLER 4140 over the RUMBLER 6200? Because of it's smaller size, the RUMBLER 4140 can be used in situations where the larger RUMBLER 6200 simply won't fit. The RUMBLER 4140 can get closer to guard rails and bridge supports. It is easier to maneuver on road surfaces with tight curves. And of course it is easier to purchase.


rumble strip milling machine

The Rumbler 6200 combined with a specially modified Peterbilt 337 truck chassis (25,900 GVW) provides a quick and simple setup for both shoulder and center lane rumble strip cutting. 

The Rumber 6200 is powered by a John Deere 200 horsepower 6.8 liter, turbocharged diesel engine.  Power is delivered to the milling drum via a carbon fiber cog belt connected to a planetary gearbox which is driven by a massive German built hydraulic pump and motor.


The Rumbler 6200 features an integrated debris blower that blows the milled road material out of the rumble cut and onto the roadway edge.  This unique system will, in most cases, eliminate a road brooming operation when cutting shoulder rumble strips.


How effective are milled in rumble strips?

The video below was produced by the Minnesota Department of Transportation in 2015.  The results speak for themselves.
Rumbler History