mobile steel shot blaster


Born in 1982 , the Turbo Blast mobile shot blaster revolutionized the surface preperation industry.  Today the Turbo Blast still sets the standard that all others are judged against.  With it's patented shot recovery system, it reclaims nearly 100% of the abrasive, meaning lower operating cost.  Simple setup and operation means your operator spends more time blasting and less time working on the equipment.

All Turbo Blasts feature over sized air cleaners with precleaners.  Heavy duty hydrostatic drive systems that use two speed planeatary wheel motors and a transmission with 12 forwards setting, and 4 reverse.  Integrated automatic parking brakes are built into the planetary drive motors.

The dust collector features an automatic  reverse pluse filter cleaning design to ensure long fitler cartridge life.

Engine sizes range from a John Deere 4 cyclinder rated at 80 horsepower, to a John Deere turbo charged/charge air cooled 4 cyclinder rated at 140 horsepower.


Four bodies sizes depending on your needs:


LX series available in 8", 10", & 12".  Built for line removal, this model has the highest horse power to width ratio.


BX series is built in 20" only.


DX series is built in 24" only.


FX series is built in 30" only.

The photo above shows an asphalt intersection where the traction lanes have been shot blasted to improve stopping ability.  Airport runways, intersections, and entrance/exit ramps are just a few of the locations that can benefit from shot blasting.