Replacement Drums and 

Diamond Saws for

Other Trucks and

Rumble strip milling machines

TR-2000 Rumble strip milling drum

The TR-2000 rumble strip milling drum is a direct replacement for the now discontinued Thomas Grinding TR-2000 rumble strip machine. Thomas Grinding is no longer in business to provide support, so Dickson Industries has designed a replacement drum that features several improvements over the original stock drum. It is available in 16", 12", and 8" wide configurations. It also features exlusive patented replacable bushing design that can use both spring clip bits or threaded base bits. The key advantage of this design is that when the bushing begin to wear, they can be replaced without replacing the entire bit holder or drum.
Dickson Industries is now offering a complete line of replacement drums for other brands of grinder trucks.  In addition to carbide bit drums, Dickson Industries is also building diamonds saw assemblies for other brands of grinder trucks.  Our drums are much heavier built than standard factory drums and use induction hardened rods and a special grade of  steel for the end plates ensuring extra long life.  They are completely rebuild-able.  You can order them pre-loaded with our outstanding Octaplane bits or empty and install your own bits.  Whatever your needs, let Dickson Industries supply your company with bits and drums to keep you on the job longer.

Shown above:

Diamond blade assembly.  Used for cutting a groove in asphalt and concrete to accept inlayed tape.  Leaves a smooth, sharp cornered groove.

Shown above:

Broadhead carbide milling bits.  These aggressive bits are used to cut grooves in asphalt only.  Much faster than diamond blades in asphalt.  Does leave the groove with a slightly rougher finish than diamond blades.
When a Broadhead milling drum is mounted on the front tool of a four box truck, and a diamond drum assembly is mounted on the rear box, you can obtain the finish of diamond blades with the speed of carbide.
NOTE:  This combination can only be used on asphalt.