TMG series

Truck Mounted Grinders

Truck Mounted Grinders provide the ultimate in production capabitity.  Mounted on heavy duty and medium duty diesel truck chassis, these units are capable of high speed automated pavement marking removal, automated grooving, automated taper slot cutting, as well as simple line removal.  Most have built in dust collectors, the larger Eliminator series uses a seperate tow behind dust collector trailer.  All feature steerable tooling and rear operator stations.

TMG 4140

Annihilator class

The TMG 4140 is the ideal size for many contractors.  Built on a 25,900 GVW chassis.  It includes two grinder housings, (one left, one right).  A 140 horsepower, 4 cylinder, turbocharged, John Deere diesel engine.  Large dust collector featuring Dickson Industries exclusive pulse-air filtration system.  Can be equipped with a vast array of options to suit the demands of any operation.

TMG 6275

Intimidator class

The next size up is the TMG 6275.  Built on a 66,000 GVW chassis.  This unit has four grinder housings, (two left, two right).  A larger 275 horse power, 6 cyclinder, turbo charged, John Deere diesel engine.  And a larger dust collector.

TMG 6300

Eliminator class

If you need the biggest, badest, highest production Truck Mounted Grinder, look no further than the TMG 6300.  Built on a 66,000 GVW chassis.  Equipped with four larger, heavier grinder housings, (two left, two right).  A massive 300 horse power, 6 cyclinder, turbo charged, John Deere diesel engine.  This model does NOT come with a dust collector.  A matching Road Vac RV 4140 dust collector tailer is available.  By utilizing a seperate towable dust collector, debris capacity is increased greatly.

TMG 6350

Dominator class
350 horse power, 6 cylinder John Deere turbo charged diesel engine, four grinder heads, and a massive dust collector mean mile after mile of line removal or grooving without having to stop and dump debris.  Built on a 66,000# Peterbilt chassis, this is the largest self contained grinder truck built.