RP6200 HD

The culmination of 32 years of experience and refinement. The new for 2013 Road Pro 6200 HD is destined to be a legend in the surface preparation industry. It features a John Deere 6 cylinder, 6.8 liter, 200 horse power, turbo charged diesel engine. Twelve forward, four reverse speeds via a heavy duty hydrostatic transmission and planetary wheel drives. Fully integrated dust collector for virtually dust free operation. Tooling can be moved to the right, left or any where in between by pressing a switch. Simple one man operation. Can be fitted with flail bits, milling cutters, diamond blades, brushes, or a shot blasting head. The Road Pro 6200 HD is hydrauliclly driven making it capable of line removal, slot cutting for recessed markers, diamond sawing for inlay tape, plunge cuts for snow plow-able markers, shot blasting for surface preparation in areas that ban line grinding, making it the most versatile surface preparation machine ever made.

RP4140 HD
Shown with optional FGH-678 Grinder.
With the introduction of the completely new RP4140HD series, Dickson Industries has once again revolutionized the surface preparation industry. Available with a John Deere 4 cylinder, turbo charged, 140 hp diesel engine.
The biggest change for the RP4140HD series is the new hydraulic tool drive. Eliminating the PTO drive shafts opens up the versatility of the RP4140HD considerably and allowed us to rotate the engine in the body 90 degrees which shortened the wheelbase drastically. The shortened wheelbase combined with a narrower body width results in unparalleled maneuverability.
The hydraulic tool drive also allows a greater variety of tools to be mounted to the front of the machine.  Grinders, polishers, saws, shot blasters, brushes, are just a few of the tools that can be mounted on the RP4140HD. 
A ten filter, reverse pulse cleaning, dust collector is integrated into the RP4140HD assuring near dust free operation.

Dickson Industries is proud to introduce a new line of steel shot blasting heads designed to work the ROAD PRO tractor units and the TMG trucks.  Available from 8" to 24" wide these newly designed blast head feature a twelve blade turbine with heat treated hardened tool steel blades, a magnetic shot arrest, and a three stage shot cleaning system.  
Road Pro 6170C shown with 48" steel shot blasting head installed.
Road Pro 4140HD shown with 32" steel shot blasting head installed.
The photo above shows an old asphalt road surface before and after steel shotblasting.  Shotblasting restores the traction surface by blasting away built up oils, dirt, and other foreign materials.  Sections of old asphalt approaching stop signs, stop lights, and intersections stand to gain the most safety from being shotblasted. 
The RP6170C is the gold standard all other grinders are judged against.  In production for over 20 years, it has evolved into the premier mechanical drive line-removal grinder with a intetrgated dust colllector on the market.  Features a 173 horse power 6.8 liter six cylinder turbocharged John Deere engine.  Carbon fiber cog belts drive PTO shafts that exit under the operators station.  Because the tool drive is all mechanical, it is very easy to service and repair, requiring no special tools or test equipment.  Has a large capacity dust collector built in allowing hours of work before it requires empying.  Simple bottom hopper dump, means no augers to contend with.  Augers are slow and prone to rapid wear and breakage.
RP4080 C
All the features of its larger sibling; the RP6170C; in a more compact size.  Available with one of three different John Deere 4 cylinder diesel engines from 80 HP to 115 HP.  Fully integrated dust collector for near dust free operation.  Heavy duty two speed planetary wheel drives coupled to a hydrastatic transmission for precise speed condtrol.  All mechanical tool drive utilizing state-of-the-art carbon fiber belts to ensure near 100% power transmission.  Large debris dump door for fast removal of dust from bin.